Saturday, July 18, 2009

project JI:27

In an effort to raise funds for our adoption, we have created a project we are calling J1:27. We are partnering with our friends, Tim & Anna Dreyfus. It's a great idea we found recently on the internet. Teams we recruit will work to find sponsors for every hour of work they contribute to the restoration of a widow's house. Both the widow and the orphan are blessed...taken from James 1:27.

Through a local service organization, we have befriended 2 widows - Mattie Boyd & Cora Bentley. Their houses have a combined age of over 100 years old and are in need of repair. Our 2 teams will work all day on Aug 8th to restore their homes. All the funds pledged to workers will go toward our adoptions!

Here's how you might could help:

BE A WORKER. If you live here in Tuscaloosa, we could use you on the team. Between now and August 8th, send out letters to friends and family requesting sponsorships for ever hour of work you compete. We have a form letter and pledge cards already printed for you! How easy is that??

SPONSOR A WORKER for every hour they agree to work. We will be working as a part of the teams of course. You might agree to sponsor us or any other team memeber for for the hours of work completed.

DONATE materials, tools, or equipment. If you have tools or equipment you would like to offer for the project, we will need a variety of things. If you have contacts who may be able to arrange materials at discounted prices, this would be most helpful! Cash donations for material purchases will also be most helpful.

ORGANIZE MEALS and refreshments. Both teams will consist of 15-20 workers. They will all need breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks. We will need friends to attend to these needs throughout the day.

BECOME A PRAYER WARRIOR & encourager. We want this to be a day that blesses people! We know we will be blessed as workers. We pray the widows will be blessed tremendously. We pray neighbors and passer-bys will be blessed as well. It will be most encouraging to know many out there are praying for the event!

2 nations
2 orphans
2 families
2 widows
2 houses...

1 community of faith

"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress..." JI:27