Monday, September 28, 2009


Jenny and I are working feverishly to complete our home study process. We are in the home stretch! We think. It has gone pretty well and the last meeting with our social worker has been scheduled for next week. She will actually visit our home this time to make her final decision on whether or not we are fit to adopt. I've still gotta get a fire extinguisher!

Once the home study is written, it will have to be approved at various levels. Then, the home study, along with another 237 notarized and certified documents will be sent to various agencies, government entities including congress on the state and federal levels (both house & senate), a host of federal judges, the United Nations, the train station, the laundry mat, the immigration office, the local rotary club, and then back to president Obama for final approval. THEN, it will be sent to Ethiopia!

Seriously, we are hoping our official dossier (fancy word for packet of info) will be complete sometime in November and then sent out of country. As far as fundraising goes, we are about 1/5 the way there. As many of you know, our house is for sale. Slow market...yeah, we know. We really want to pay less for a house anyway. So through additional fundraising and the sale of our house, we believe we'll raise the funds necessary...eventually. Please be praying that God will send us a buyer soon!