Monday, October 12, 2009

Raising Funds through ETSY

Over the last several months, Jenny has developed a great way of fundraising for our adoption. She has set up an online shoppe named Easy as 127 (after James 1:27) to sell custom photo cards. These are great-looking and affordable cards for many occasions. Customers send personal photos to her and she supplies a jpeg that is print-ready. All the proceeds go to our adoption fund!

PLEASE consider purchasing your family's Christmas cards, birthday and other party invites, and more through her site.
ALSO, please help us network with more people by sending the link for her shoppe to people on your email list. With your recommendation, we could reach many people and raise much needed funds!

THANK YOU for your help and support in the coming months!

To visit, go to:

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The Emersons said...

Hi Jenny, my friend Amanda Gunn told me about your blog. We are hoping to start an Ethiopian adoption before the end of this year. I love your cards and hope to use one for Christmas this year. Do you do custom birthday invites? My little boy is turning 3 next month and wants a football party. Everything online looks too old for him. Just thought I'd check. You can email me at