Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dossier Complete!

Don't let me down, FedEx! Yesterday, our dossier was sent to AWAA in McLean, Virginia. (It would fall on a holiday weekend so they'll not get it until Tuesday.) There are some more hoops to jump through with the U.S. government next week. Supposedly, this takes 1-3 weeks and then our agency sends the dossier to Ethiopia and the official wait begins! Glad to be at this point.

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Debb said...

CONGRATS on sending off your Dossier! The paperchasing is DONE.....and the timing of all is in God's hands! How exciting! I am a fellow AWAA YG member! Hoping we are only a couple weeks away from being DTE too! We are waiting for our I171H form. Will be fun to follow your journey! :o)

Feel free to check in on our journey to our son at

Blessings to you!