Tuesday, September 14, 2010

King Kong

I had a really strange dream 2 nights ago. The following details are exactly as I remember them. Interpretations, anyone??

King Kong was close by and I was afraid. I and two other guys were in an abandoned bunker setting bombs & traps for the legendary giant gorilla knowing he would soon arrive. We were in the middle of nowhere. I heard the ground quake just like in the movies. He was moving. I popped my head up from the fox hole and he appeared on the horizon. I couldn't really make out the details of the large silouhette. But I hid.

We waited for him to come to us. The next time I looked out, King Kong was in the form of a GIANT Ethiopian girl. She was the size of Goliath. She had a tattered skirt and shirt. Over the shirt she wore a thin sweater. On her head was a bandana like scarf covering all her hair. The oversized girl was with six or eight other normal size children of various races and colors. They were walking side by side with linked hands. The Ethiopian girl was in the middle.

One of my partners raced out and began conversing with the unusual band of travelers. I was alarmed by his boldness and afraid for him still uncertain about what we were actually dealing with here. We did not yet know what Kong was going to do! I tried to warn him but it was too late. I just observed for a minute. When it was clear to me there was not a threat, I too went out to meet them.

I mean the interpretation seems pretty obvious but I've never really had very meaningful dreams. This one really caught my attention (needless to say!) What do you think about it?

SIDENOTE: If you are not already following Katie's blog (of Amazima Ministries)....you should be. I believe God has set her before us to create in us a much deeper imagination for the Kingdom of God. Her writings are worth quoting as they are indescribable. Her stories are beyond inspiring. They put flesh on what we know to be true in our hearts. She is taking what we acknoweldge with our brains and challenging us to exhibit Christ in our lives.

Take a look at this recent post from Katie.


Jenny said...

Clearly the global orphan crisis is so huge that it seems like a monster that cannot conquered. That's why we've hidden from it for so long. Sometimes it takes one bold person to show the world that hiding is not the answer and fear is not of God. And when you're brave enough to stop hiding, come out of your bunker, and look the orphan in the face, you may realize that change can start with one Ethiopian girl! In that way, the girl becomes a giant. Truth can be very King Kongish.

Anonymous said...

What Jenny said. That sounds a lot better than what I said when you told me about the dream. "Wow. That's crazy." David B