Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fighting for KIRILL!

Please help our friends! We are all praying for Greg & Tesney as they try to adopt this little boy, Kirill. The judge in Russia has ruled that he is better off in an institution for the rest of his life rather than in a loving family as he is not "socially adaptable" despite all the experts in the courtroom saying the boy would, in fact, benefit. The ruling has been appealed but there is little hope. Clearly this is a spiritual battle! Please join us in prayer!

See full story:

Also, please take the time to forward the sotry to the following major networks. We are hoping they will pick the story up and this will apply pressure to the judge. She just needs some encouragement!

Thanks for your prayers & support!


miami heat said...

Bless both of you to doing this great work and May God bless to your baby.

Job Agencies In Pakistan said...

its v difficult to work like you in this materiallistic, but i appercate ur courage & devotion. May God help both of you.