Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally a Referral!

It finally came! This past Friday afternoon, Noah & I were in line at the city Water Department (of all places!) and I had to screen a call since I was mid-conversation with the clerk...didn't recognize the area code anyway. About a minute passed and I realized what I had just done. I ignored our adoption agency's big call! Obviously, I called her right back. Our America World agent explained that Jenny was not answering her phone and so she tried again. Jenny picked up and she now had us both on the line!

We knew what was next and couldn't wait for her to get started! She described to us our baby girl, her situation, her current condition and weight and height and more! It was awesome to finally learn something about this mystery baby we have prayed for and talked about for months as if she were already here.

Our agent explained that she was sending an email with info and pics. Fortunately, I was about 10 minutes from home. I told Jenny I would be there in a second so we could open the pictures together. She was already crying and couldn't hardly wait to see her!

Once we got home, she had the mouse hovering over the email and she made sure we were ready! She asked, "well, are you ready to meet your daughter?!" It was surreal in that this was the equivalent of that moment right before birth in the delivery room but this time without all the horrific stuff.

To see her for the first time was amazing! She is precious in every way. We were sent four great photos and look forward to more later. Of course we are not allowed to post any of the details about her or her situation. Once she is legally ours, of course, we can post photos, etc.

Now, we await a court date! Supposedly this will come in 8-16 weeks. We can't wait to go! On this trip we will get to meet her and see her several times. In the meantime, we'll be able to send her care packages with other traveling families (including our friends, the Dreyfus family, who will be able to hold her, take pictures/video and provide a first hand update for us!)

We are truly excited but kind of holding our breath too. Unfortunately, the DAY after the referral, discouraging adoption news from Ethiopia hit the airwaves. Essentially, the organization that recommends international adoptions is drastically reducing the number of cases processed daily. This could mean a VERY long wait time for our second trip when we go to bring our child back home. Please pray for movement here!

Thanks for your support and continued prayers!

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Casey Mitchell said...

Wow, that is so exciting. I can't wait to hear more about her and see pictures. It really is like a new life being born into your family. Beautiful.