Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Choosing A Country

As we prayed through the month of April, we didn't mind including a little, 'Oh and God, if you don't mind, give us some ideas on where to go?!' We had no idea. Earlier in Jenny's journey, she had dreamed a little bit of China and Guatemala. But Guatemala has been closed off due to corruption and China has recently become unusually difficult.

Among other countries, we considered Columbia, India, and Africa. Early on in the process, we quickly started to rule out children from Africa. We weren't sure this was best considering all the dynamics at play in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. However, it seemed at every turn God showed us He has a different way of looking at it!

When it comes to discernment, I guess it's easier for me to consider a chunk of time rather than looking for a single 'sign.' As I look back over the recent months, here is some of the overwhelming leading God has provided for us.

a) Over the last year, we have had Africa on the brain and in our hearts. Our great friends Carson & Holly moved to Tanzania in March for a 10 year project. We had been along side of them as they prepared for their move for over a year. Their team was featured at this year's Gulfcoast Getaway in Panama City, Florida.

b) The friend I mentioned in One Prayer Later...they selected Africa (Ethiopia). I am able to put great trust in their research and choice.

c) Jenny has befriended a mom through our home school association who adopted from Africa (Uganda). Her little girl, Savannah, is now 6 years old.

d) In March (before I had a clue I'd be praying about adoption in April), I committed to be a table host for a benefit dinner on UA's campus. I knew next to nothing about the cause. I was just trying to support one of our students in her effort. It ended up being a dinner by Apwonjo -a student group working to raise aid & awareness for...Africa.

e) We quickly learned some of the greatest needs exist in orphanages across Africa. Ethiopia alone is home to over 4 million orphans.

f) In a practical sense, we found Ethiopia to be about the quickest process. It is less costly than most all other countries. And, the required visit is only 7 days or so.

g) Just as we began to lean toward Ethiopia, the America World seminar we attended in Nashville featured one testimony from a family who adopted 2 from...Ethiopia! Hearing their story was so moving. We met their beautiful children Bruik and Ava!

Praise God! He is such a diligent communicator. We are amazed as He continues to pave the way for us in this journey.


The Wifey said...


I think it's awesome that you and Jenny plan to adopt. Jake and I have a passion for adoption too. So, lead the way :)

There is a family I'm close to at church who is actually in Ethiopia right now picking up their 3 children. That's in addition to the 4 biological children they already have. Amazing.

They used Christian World Adoption as their contact.

I look forward to hearing details. We'll be praying.

Julie said...

That is so great! I don't know if you know Brooke from Memphis or not. She was actually a summer/longterm intern at University with the youth group. She and her husband Josh adopted a beautiful little girl from Ethiopia two years ago. Check out her blog. I am sure she would love to talk to ya'll about your great news.

Rachel said...

AWESOME story! I'll be checking in often. I can't wait to see how this "ends.:)" God is Amazing!

evonne6kid said...

I had no idea. Is this a virus, first the Dubois, then the Anderson's, now the Dixon's? Wow. That is awesome.

Mommy of Boys said...

Praying for you! How wonderful!