Monday, May 4, 2009

Selecting an Agency

Througout the prayer process, we were praying for clarity on which adoption agency would be the one. Jenny called and requested info from several. I remember she was out of town when 3 packages arrived at our house. One package stood out to me in a few ways.

a) The thing was particularly well done - quality materials, attractive folder, info dvd, ribbon, etc. I'm sorry, but I'm big on presentation!

b) This was the same agency used by musical aritst, Steven Curtis Chapman. He has adopted 3 times. He's got like 47 Dove Awards. AND he's all about love.

c) Perhaps most gripping, the cover letter from the president ended with this paragraph:

"Finally, I ask a simple favor of you. Upon finishing this letter, please close the information packet and voice a prayer for these children. By doing so, you have already helped those who lack the love of a mother and father."

As I look at it now, it doesn't read all that special. But again, I found myself sobbing as God drew me deeper into this whole thing! After some more looking, we found out this agency was hosting an upcoming event in Nashville, TN.

This past weekend, we traveled to Nashville for a niece's birthday party and while we were in the area, we were able to slip out and attend the seminar. It made the trip for me! Hearing personal testimonies was more of what we needed. We saw several children from other countries who had been adopted in recent years.
Long story short, I started filling out the appliation forms late that night once we got back to Tuscaloosa! The name of the agency is America World Adoption.

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April Kay said...

Hi, this is April Moore here, a friend of Tara's. Our hubbies were pledge club bros at Lipscomb. :) Tara just told me the exciting news and I wanted to let y'all know that I'm praying and thinking of you! We are moving this summer so I will definitely order some "change of address" cards from Jenny to help raise money for your adoption! I'll check your blog often for updates. I told Tara I have chills right now just thinking about what you all are doing! That is so wonderful!